Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cutting sodas out of your diet

After I graduated college, before I started eating a portion controlled diet, I began by cutting out sodas. It was really hard at first, but slowly over time I didn't crave them like I used to. If you are the type of person who LOVES diet coke, like my mom used to, there is NOTHING diet about it. It is not any better for you than any other regular soda. Diet sodas are replaced with other additives to make the beverage taste good and still provide a boost. To sustain a healthy weight and a healthy body, you need to support your body’s natural balance. Chemicals and caffeine don’t do this, no matter what the soda manufacturers tell you. I have known plenty of people who would skip meals and just drink a "diet" coke. Which is possibly the worst thing you can do, because

A: You will just eat more later

B. Your body isn't getting any nutrients

C. All the sugar is going to turn to fat, not to mention all the chemicals you have put in your body

D. The low calorie sweetner (another name aspartame acid), which makes you crave carbs (and more importantly can cause cancer, and tumors)

CUT OUT SODAS and switch to WATER, WATER, WATER IS KEY!!!! You will be in shock how fast you will drop weight. (if you drink sodas often)