Friday, February 17, 2012

Diet Pills do not work!

I know plenty of girls who have taken a variety of diet pills, or starved themselves before a vacation/ spring break. Trust me, I did it to myself plenty of times in college! By taking a diet pill, that is NOT a long term plan. As soon as you stop taking those pills, or stop starving yourself, you will put the weight right back on, if not more! People think just because they are taking a diet pill, they can still eat horrible. NOT! And sure, it might help you take off that 5 lbs you wanted to get rid of before spring break, but there is no telling what negative impact that pill had on different areas of your body. There can be harmful chemicals you are putting into your body! For example: When I was in college, I was perscribed to a medication to help me focus in class, well that medicine made me hate the taste of food, so I never ate. I instantly dropped too much weight too fast, and my ashthma was so much worse, and I was bindge eating on the weekends. But at the time it was my "diet pill" and I loved how I didn't eat as much (or anything). Well right after I graduated and stopped taking it... I gained weight. At that point I didn't know how to live a healthy lifestyle, other than exercise, so the weight wasn't coming off fast enough. Eventually I decided I needed to figure out the safe way to live, without depriving myself from foods I loved.

The 3 easiest steps that I live by:
1. Portion Control
2. Eat better (I am not saying deprive yourself from the foods you love (aka mexican food for me) but eat great during the week, and reward yourself on the weekends, just eat in smaller portions. (I have tips on eating at restaurants earlier in my blog).
3. Exercise

Simple as that! If you start living a healthy lifestyle, and stop pressuring yourself to lose weight, give it time... it will happen. Overtime you will start to notice it in your clothes, and it will make you feel great. And eventually you won't even crave the processed food like you used to, and you will have so much more energy. I am finally at the point in my life where I am happy with my body, and thats great if I can drop another 5 lbs, but I am not going to stress about it. I love to eat, and now I know how to control it. If you are the type of person that has trouble with portion control, read my blog from the beginning, and also consider joining weight watchers. Just because you join weight watchers does NOT mean you are fat, but they can give you the steps to living a healthy lifestyle, and get to a healthy weight you would be happy with. I hope this helps you! I am aware I am not a doctor, trainer, or health professional of any kind, but I know what worked for me. I am tired of women putting the pressure on themselves to look a certain way. Live your life, and be happy!