Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ways to fit this in your lifestyle

Steps to take:
1. Train yourself to shrink your stomach by tricking your mind
* Eat on smaller plates, and in smaller bowls
* When you are eating out at restaurants, eat no more than the size of the palm of your hand. I promise it is enough. Just take the rest to go, or split the dinner with someone else.
2. Great for Children
* when you want your child to eat good, but they are really picky eaters, you can hide the ingredients they hate in the cupcake pan within the food.
* children don't eat as much as adults do, so you know they could eat a cupcake shaped food which is a substantial amount during meals
* it is perfect when you have leftovers, and you can pack a healthy lunch for them, and put the "cupcake" in their lunch box too instead of packing the same sandwiches everyday.
3. When cooking for One/Two people
* instead of bringing frozen "healthy" lunches that don't have the best flavor, or picking up fast food everyday, you just throw your dinner "cupcake" leftovers in a container and go!
* when cooking for one, it is easy to waste food, with this you can put some "cupcakes" in the freezer for later, or eat it for the week.
* you are eating in smaller portions, and losing weight without even knowing it
* you are eating what you love, without having any guilt
* when you are cooking for holidays, or hosting a large party, and want some substantial appetizers, it is great for conversation, and very filling. I made my breakfast casserole for the holidays this year, and it was a hit.
4. Eat ALL NATURAL FOODS! This is a huge thing, begin to cut out sodas, and processed foods out of your diet. Only shop the perimeter of the grocery store, that is the trick!
Now I know from experience, the men won't be happy about eating cupcake size food ALL the time, but that is ok, you can make it work! When I cook for my boyfriend (who complains about it), and myself, I just make him the same meal in a different (bigger) size baking dish, or he will eat more than one/two "cupcakes." I think it is VERY important as a couple to keep each other motivated to have a healthy lifestyle TOGETHER. If you are like me, and hate working out, go to the gym with your loved one/a friend, and attend fun classes, or workout together. The more you get in a routine, the more you will start to enjoy it, and it won't be a struggle to get there. Getting to the gym is half the work! I really hope you enjoy my blog! It is a great way to start the New Year by motivating yourself, and others, by starting with the basics!