Friday, March 30, 2012

Having "Smart" Eyes

This is a topic that I know a lot about! Trust me... especially in college. You haven't eaten all day, and by the time you do you are "Starving!" You become a mindless eater, and order the large instead of the small of anything, without even realizing it. Of course if you starve yourself all day, you are going to want to eat more later.  My biggest thing I have had to overcome with my eating, is to NOT let my eyes be the judge of how much food I will eat. Always make smart decisions, and tell yourself you do not need that much food!

It takes some MAJOR training to have "smart eyes" when you are eating. Did you know that what you put in your mouth is 80% of your diet alone (with exercise being 20%).  There are two types of people who complain about not seeing results that I see a lot of:
1. The person who lives in the gym, loves to workout, but eats horrible, and eats way too much
2. The person who hates to workout, but has a hard time changing their eating habbits
Those people aren't seeing any results, because of their EATING! They can workout all day long, but at the end of the day if they are coming home and putting the wrong food, or too much food in their mouth, of course they wont see results!

For any meal you are having, and you aren't at home to measure it out, mentally measure your servings. It has been said a single serving of meat is about 3 onces (around the size of a deck of cards if you are visual like me), and a single serving for pasta or anything else is around the palm of your hand, or size of a tennis ball. Just think you can shave off calories a day you do not need! Keep those smart eyes on all the time!

1. Eat slow
2. Drink your meal with water
3. Eat until you are satified, NOT FULL

By doing these three things, before even finishing your meal, you will realize you are starting to feel satisfied. You will feel great about the self control you have had,  it will become a habit (hopefully), and those pounds will slowly start falling off overtime. You will notice it in your clothing.