Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tips after you grocery shop

I used to be the worst about buying a ton of fruit and veggies from the store, coming home, and just throwing them in a drawer. I would completely forget about them, and end up throwing everything away. I hate how much money I wasted throughout the years.

What I began to do is AS SOON as I got home, and began putting away my groceries, I would cut up all my fruit and veggies. I put them in big containers, and separate to go baggies. Now I have no excuse not to eat it, because it's already cleaned, and sliced, ready for me to eat, even on the go! Plus if you have kids, that makes your life easier when it comes to packing lunches.
*the container I have in the picture below is amazing to store fruit,veggies,& salad. I got it from Walmart in the kitchen goods section

I do the same thing with dinner, after we eat. I make enough to pack for lunches too. I go ahead and portion out everything, and put it in containers. Then our lunches are ready and packed for the next day, or I put it in the freezer for later. Either way you aren't wasting food, and you know you have a healthy, filling lunch.