Thursday, June 28, 2012

Steps toward your goal

I wanted to give a couple of steps to take towards getting to your goal weight. Don't set an extreme goal at first, take baby steps. After watching Bob Harper on Extreme Makeover, he is so motivating, and these are some of the tips he shared. He has transformed people to lose weight, and has wonderful tips I had to share with you!

Set one goal a week, for example: Say your starting weight is 260, set a goal saying I want to lose 5 lbs a week until my 30th birthday (which is a month away). When you set goals too high all at once, it seems too overwhelming, and hard to picture the end result. But if you aim for 5 lbs a week, after a hard first week, that won't seem as challenging. Here are some steps and tips to start taking to get started:

1. Drink tons of water! Replace everything you drink now with water. Even if it "diet" coke... It's still horrible for you, and you will crave carbs. Water keeps you full, simple as that.
2. Exercise. If you aren't an extreme workout person, movement is better than anything so you can keep burning fat. Walk more! Park your car at the grocery store, or mall at the farthest parking spot. Get a gym membership, and join some classes! You will meet new people, help motivate eachother, and will begin to have fun with it.
Trick: always keep gym clothes in your car! Then you never have an excuse. Even if you can go for a walk with the park with your kids after school.
3. Eat apples and berries to get fiber in, and keep you full longer.
4. Eat more protein with every meal. Especially if you are working out with weights. Protein keeps you full, and is very important to have when you are working out a lot to build that muscle.
5. Plan one splurge meal a week. Don't deprive yourself of anything you are craving. When I say splurge I don't mean binge eat, still eat it in moderation and eat slower.
6. Go to bed hungry. Then you can wake up and eat the most important meal of the day. Get that protein in!
7. Dont drink your calories: alcohol has a lot of sugar!
8. No carbs after lunch
9. Learn to read food labels, and what you are eating
10. Get rid of fast foods and fried foods, replace them with grilled.
11. Banish high sodium (salty) foods (all they do is make you bloated)