Monday, July 30, 2012

Breaking Habits

In order to lose any weight, you are going to have to begin to break some of your bad habits if you want to see any results. They don't have to be drastic, if you make the decision to break 2-3 habits a month, and add positive ones in place of that, you will already begin to notice a difference. Have confidence in yourself, and distract yourself from the urges, focus on the positive; what you are adding to your life. 

Here are a couple ideas of habits that you can begin to break:

1. Stop watching television while you eat! Set the table, and sit at the table with your family, loved one, or friends. When you sit in front of a t.v. and eat, you don't realize how much food you are consuming, and you have completely lost focus on your portion control. Instead, record your shows, or eat dinner around your shows, and change things up workout while you watch your shows.

2. Stop snacking on processed foods! Stock your home with ONLY healthy choices, and have fun with it! If you are like me and get bored eating the same old thing, play around with some fun recipes. For example: preheat your oven, mix together a tablespoon of oats,brown sugar, and cinnamon, place it on top of an apple, and bake it. 
-Switch up your daily snacks, and add some new ones to your diet, do some research finding new recipes you like, don't just establish a pattern. Even things like drinking coffee, add natural sugars, NOT sweet-n-low! Sugar has no nutritional value, just calories, and sugar leads to fat. (Yes, even white breads has sugar in them) 

3. Get rid of the sodas, sweets. 
4. Begin to replace your pastas, and breads with whole grain. It takes some adjusting at first, but you will get used to it I promise. I can't even tell a difference anymore. I even use whole grain flour over white flour. When you are shopping, look for nutrition labels that say whole wheat, or 100% wheat.  If it says "Multi-grains" it does not mean the product contains any whole grains.  
5. Begin playing around and using spices. This can add so much flavor to any dish. 
6. Begin making your own sweets. I have a great popsicle recipe on my blog! 
7. Cut out the alcohol!!!! This is so crucial to a diet if you are drinking all the time. If you go out a lot, or drink at home a lot, at least switch to vodka/water. Less calories.less sugar. Any fruit juice you use as mixers, that sugar will lead to fat, and a hangover. 
8. Lower your dairy intake. Try to stay away from heavy cream, cream cheese, cheese, yogurts, and sour cream. Just because it says low fat does not mean it is good for you. The sugar in some yogurt can be ridiculous! Stick with greek yogurt if anything, it has a ton of protein! Full fat dairy contains saturated fats which raise cholesterol. 
9. Chose lean meats. You want to stay away from the fatty meats, and do not fry them! If you like to cook with ground meat, begin to slowly switch to ground turkey. If you buy a fatty meat, trim all the fat off of it. 
10. If you are so busy with your everyday life, and don't have time to go to the gym. Find anyway to just MOVE MORE! You can workout in front of the television watching your shows, take your kids on a walk with you, or even take them to the park! Anything is better than nothing! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful day! Let me know if you need help with anything!  Good luck!