Friday, July 6, 2012

Food safety tips

I began reading nutrition for dummies, and it's so good! On the cover page, first thing I saw was food safety. I have never even thought to blog about it, but I feel that it is really important to discuss. I am a OCD freak about chicken touching anything in the kitchen! Here are some helpful tips from Nutrition for dummies.

- wash your hands before AND after touching food
- wash all fruits and veggies before you use them
- follow the directions on the food package for storing and preparing food safely
- handle all raw meat,fish,and poultry as though it were contaminated.
- cook foods thoroughly
- keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold
- never eat or drink anything containing raw eggs
- keep your sponge dry. Microwave it even.
- use a separate cutting board for raw meat,fish, and poultry
- never taste any questionable food
- I like to have two separate sponges, one that I use to clean items I used for chicken and meats, and one for everything else.