Monday, July 16, 2012

How do I diet you might ask?!

My boyfriend and I are always eating healthy, we try to live a portion controlled, Paleo diet lifestyle, which is known as The caveman diet. They lived a healthy lifestyle by eating all natural foods decades ago, and today there have been many success stories of people who have had a successful weight loss by following the caveman principles. I love learning paleo recipes, and following the way the caveman ate, because its not "a diet," its a lifestyle eating natural foods to help achieve great health and the body you dreamed of . If you want to learn more about the paleo lifestyle, I love to follow two blogs of really inspiring people.

Marks Daily Apple this man is in his 50's, written books, and is in the best shape ever!
PaleOmg This women shares some awesome paleo recipes

As for myself, I HATE diets, and I don't really believe in them, I believe if you change your habits, and your lifestyle, and get motivated you can achieve your weight you always wanted. I dont really stick with "one diet," but I do a mixture of things I have tried, and have worked.

These 6 things are exactly what I live by, and I have lost 27 lbs! I posted a picture of what I looked like in college not living a healthy lifestyle, and now.

1. After doing Weight Watchers- this is a great program to teach you about portion control, however, it can be tricky with the point system. Just because you save all your "points" for the weekend to eat what you want, does NOT mean eating a whole pizza by yourself will help you have a success story in the end. I loved weight watchers for the simple fact of teaching me about portion control, and how to measure out my food. So this is how I began to see a difference in my weight, PORTION CONTROL IS KEY!

2. Paleo- this is obviously the best way to live, simple fact of EATING NATURAL FOODS, not processed. This is the easiest thing you can teach yourself how to eat, by eating and cooking with more natural ingredients. Plan your meals for the week and cook from scratch. If you work long hours and don't have time to cook, look into paleo crock pot menus.

3. Working out- I will not lie, I hate working out, and really have to force myself to. But once you get in a routine, or find someone to workout with, it gets much better. Even if parking on the opposite side of the mall and walking to the other end to begin shopping will help! Baby steps, don't expect yourself to run a 5k right away, break yourself in.

4. Reading nutrition labels- this can be HUGE, everyone needs to learn how to read nutrition labels. If it says its 150 calories, MAKE SURE and read the serving size. Sometimes people don't realize it says 150 calories, BUT for 2 cookies. I will blog about how to read nutrition labels this week.

5. Sweet tooth- I always have a sweet tooth! I have to stay away from candies and other sweets. But if I'm having an uncontrollable craving I will have a small amount of candy, eat fruit with honey, or make something with sugar substitutes.

6. Not Eating out- A majority of the time we only eat out once a week, if that. And I eat zero fast food, and when I do eat out I pick foods:
A. Changing the carb sides to veggies asking for no butter
B. I choose a meat or something grilled
C. I get dressing on the side
(I have talked about everything I do in detail at restaurants earlier in my blog)
You save so much money not eating out, and planning out your meals.