Monday, August 13, 2012

Wing time! Football Season!

Yay Its that time of year again...FOOTBALL SEASON!!! WOOHOO! Ryan and I put our raider jerseys on, and considered going to get wings somewhere, then decided we would rather stay in and make our own! They tasted so much better than we would of ordered at any restaurant, and I made up a low fat ranch recipe to go with it from what I had on hand.

Of course I had a sweet tooth after, so we crushed up a mini butterfinger and I had 2 scoops of my fav. bluebell with it... blizzard style :) I would rather waste my calories on ice cream over beer anyday! haha

We made 3 different flavors of wings with 2 large packages of wings, we put all but 7 on the grill. We left them bare without any seasoning until after we grilled them golden brown.

-In bowl #1 we poured half of a bottle of MOORES BUFFALO WING SAUCE (GLUTEN FREE) 15 calories, added half the wings, and mixed
- In bowl #2 we poured half of a bottle of AUSTINS OWN BBQ SAUCE, added the wings, and mixed
- Wing #3- I pour 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in a skillet, let it warm up as if it were a hot grease. While the oil heats up, season the last chicken wings with garlic salt, lemon pepper, and low sodium cajun seasoning (I used hot slap your mama). Then slowly place in the oil. Cook until golden brown (but make sure and check the center)

1 c greek yogurt
1/2 c coconut milk
1/2 package of ranch seasoning
1 tsp lemon juice
Mix together, chill and serve!

I also made baked sweet potato fries to go with the wings :)