Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baked Veggies

Baking veggies is one of the easiest on hand healthy side dishes you can make with any meal. I always keep bags of frozen veggies on hand to cook. Well tonight I couldnt decide, so I just cooked a couple different ones. This is a perfect way to cook dinner, especially for the mommies with picky eaters! :)

Tonight I defrosted whole okra, chopped up cabbage, carrots and defrosted broccoli.

I sprayed olive oil over the pan, and on top of the veggies, and sprinkled garlic salt, and cajun seasoning. The cabbage I used a little bit of dales seasoning.

Then I bake it on 400' for 20 minutes. Such an easy thing to throw in the oven and forget about while you cook the rest of dinner.