Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chicken Salad

I had some leftover chicken I didn't want to throw away, and I had nothing planned for lunch, so I put this together in 5 minutes. It tasted fresh, and so delicious! I have a deep hatred for mayo, and greek yogurt has a great source of protein, so I love to use it when I can. Plus instead of using bread, I used lettuce, and it added an extra crunch. Delicious!!!

- 2 c shredded chicken
- 1/3 c greek yogurt
- 1/4 c almonds
- 1/4 c grapes
- 1/2 diced apple
- 1/3 c celery
- take pieces from head of lettuce/crackers/whole wheat bread
- dash pepper

1. Shred chicken into a bowl
2. Add all ingredients and mix together
3. Clean lettuce, stuff with chicken salad, roll/fold eat like a sandwich.