Thursday, November 29, 2012

Challenge your limits

I was having one of those days in the gym having zero motivation, and everything was hard! I am trying to tone up everything for the four weddings I have in the next 7 months... Including my own! As I was complaining on the stair stepper, trying to stop, my fiancé kept giving me a pep talk. He told me "you keep saying you want to tone up, if it were easy everyone would look good."

Some people have that natural competitive instinct, and drive that pushes them when they workout, just like him. Well, I am NOT one of those people, I never have been. I am the type that has to dig to find my motivation, and as much as I want to quit when I begin to push myself to my limits, I have to just listen to the voice in my head to keep going!

I am very thankful I have a man in my life that will help push me to my limits, and show me my strength and never let's me give up. I tend to do the same workouts everytime I go to the gym, same weight, same reps, same amount of times I do them. For example: the other day, Ryan came over...  he uped my weight 5 lbs, and set up a circuit for me to do. He told me if I keep doing the same workouts, with the same weight I will never see results, and that I need to push myself! Well, by the end of our workout session, I thought my arms were going to fall off, and I felt like I was going to throwup.

Afterwards, yes I was very sore, but I felt like I had pushed myself to my limits, doing things I never thought I could do! It is such a rewarding experience to feel that way every time you leave the gym!

Understand that you are not alone in the world of searching for motivation. The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams... are your limits! I think that is why most people have a problem with achieving their weight loss goals.

Make your dream a reality lets do this together... Don't use the Holidays as an excuse, push yourself to your limits! Challenge yourself, and try something new!

1. Find someone to push you if you need that
2. Don't give up when it gets hard...KEEP GOING... overcome the weakness
3. Find something or someone that motivates you
4. Take into action
5. You will be very exhausted..but think of it as a reward in the end