Friday, November 9, 2012


I read a great blog about self-esteem recently, and it was something I needed to hear.  I know everyone gets to that point where life takes over, and you have no time for yourself. Usually I try to still find time for myself, but with moving, job hunting, wedding planning, etc, I have not squeezed in "MY" time! I think it is SO important for everyone, male or female to make time for yourself, especially for your self- esteem.

Why is it we are all so hard on ourselves? We can sit there and pick out flaws that no one else sees! Bonnie with could not of said it better, " I think it’s because we know our flaws better than anyone else, and can’t see how we look to others."

Lately I have felt pretty gross and not like myself, because I haven't been home to cook, or workout. After giving myself a pitty party this week, it was time to suck it up, and begin my "makeover". I used to think self esteem was built by having a great wardrobe.  No doubt about it, I have to feel good on the inside and outside. I began by getting a gym membership again, I love working-out at home, but sometimes I need to get away from home and zone out. I am going back to taking classes, and finding others that can stay motivated with me. If I am feeling fit, and skinny, I don't care as much what I am wearing on my body because I feel great in everything I wear.

1: Begin by picking out what you want to change. Write it down, and follow your progress. If you need to change by not eating processed food, TOSS IT! Get it out of your house. If you want to tone your body, take day 1 pictures, and begin to use yourself as motivation. You don't need surgery to change things you can change yourself. Take the negative and turn it into a positive.
2: Find things about yourself that you love, and work it! Treat yourself to some new makeup, or a new hairstyle.
3. Find what motivates you, make exercise and eating healthy fun. I promise it isn't miserable if you just live a healthy lifestyle rather than continuing to put yourself "On a diet."
4. Find time for yourself, you deserve it.
5. Try new things. You can try fun new healthy recipes, try new workout classes, or even take your kids to do an outdoor activity with you that everyone will enjoy.

Make a goal list, like a road map of the direction you want your life to go. Go through challenges of changing bad habits, adjust lifestyle choices. Be enthusiastic about your life, and and living it! Find someone to do it with you, and have fun! Be thankful for everything you have in life, and enjoy everyday. Try your best to find passions that will improve "YOU" and your family to take the steps of living a healthy lifestyle, and always having high self-esteem.