Monday, August 19, 2013

Meal Prep Sunday



I know everyone has their busy lifestyles, and sometimes you can lose sight of your eating habits when you don't have time to cook something. Especially for those of us who work, the easiest thing is to go pick up food somewhere. My husband and I use our Sundays to prep for the week, to save us from eating out. It not only saves our waste-lines, but it also saves our wallets. You don't realize you can spend up to $50 AT LEAST just on lunches alone during the week for one person. Even if you start purchasing lean cuisines or frozen meals at the store, you will still spend at least $4/boxed meal. Trust me, if you have healthy food already cleaned, and prepped, you will be more likely to grab a healthy snack. 
   When my husband and I go to the store, we ONLY shop the perimeter, and won't go down the aisles (unless its for waters, crackers). Anything we don't want to eat, we won't even put it in our house. Yesterday for example we only spent $67.86 on all of our groceries that we prepped for the week for work. I know a few people have been asking me what we cooked with everything we purchased, so here it is:

1. We lay out all of our food storage containers on the kitchen table, ready to be filled. 
2. We lay out everything that needs to go on the grill. Yesterday we laid out chicken (we bought 3 packages) rib-eye, and fish. It is an easy quick to do for meal prepping, to lay everything out, season it, throw it on, and forget about it for a while. (Some we just put seasoning, and some chicken we marinated in buffalo sauce)
3. While all the proteins are on the grill that is when we prep our carb (not a heavy carb), and our veggies. Yesterday we cooked a couple of large sweet potatoes, cut them in half, and placed them in a couple containers. We also cooked some whole grain brown rice to put with the meats that didn't have a sweet potato. 
4. Lastly, we cleaned ALL the fruit and veggies, and put them in containers so we can grab and snack and go. 
5. Yesterday we boiled 40 eggs, but sometimes I will also go ahead and make a breakfast with sausage, diced sweet potatoes and eggs in a cupcake pan so I can grab and go for breakfast. 

By meal prepping, each meal cost UNDER $5. I hope this helps you out, if you need more help feel free to contact me! Tip: Do this as a family on Sundays, your children can even help clean and organize the fruit/veggies. 

Set a good example for your children, and live healthy as a family!