Monday, January 20, 2014

Easy Chicken Dinner

Anytime my husband goes to the grocery store with me, I will end up spending at least $30 more on meats he continues to throw in our basket because he loves to grill. Well today after we went to the gym, he went with me to HEB, and I told him we were sticking to the list. They had a great deal on chicken BBQ seasoned chicken today, and Ryan wanted to grill, so we got so much chicken for $3 a package! I was in shock how much we had left over. I put my whole grain brown rice in my rice cooker and forgot about it for an hour, placed some carrots in boiling water, and grilled the chicken. Easy throw together meal, that was extremely filling, and delicious.

Rice- seasoned with garlic salt
Carrot- seasoned with cinnamon 
Chicken- BBQ seasoning topped with a low calorie BBQ sauce