Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sloppy Joe with a twist

- 1 sweet potato for each person
- 1 lb ground lean turkey 
- 1 can of low sodium low calorie sloppy joe sauce 
- garlic salt
- green peppers (optional) 

1. Clean and poke holes in sweet potato with fork. Wrap with wet papertowel around, and cook in microwave for 5+ minutes (this depends on the size of the potato, sometimes it can take longer just keep tryin to poke through, or you can cook in oven) 
2. On stove top, begin to cook ground turkey. Adding in garlic salt
3. Once turkey meat is cooked, add in sauce. Mix together and cook on low
4. Cut sweet potato open, mash we fork, and begin to fill with sloppy joe meat mix