Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Prep Day

Meal planning is key for making the right choices while at the store, and will save you more money than you know. I usually don't spend more than $100 for the weeks worth of groceries. I like to coupon when I can, however, most of the time coupons are for junk food. I have an obsession with HEB because they always have their own coupons, and great deals throughout the store. Here are a couple of rules I go by when it comes to grocery shopping.

Rule #1 : Never go grocery shopping hungry, you will buy more than planned
#2 : Meal plan- plan out what you will be eating for the week, and all the ingredients needed
# 3: Make a list, and stick to it. I put it in order by the outside perimeter of the store so I don't forget anything. 
# 4: Look for specials, and buy more than one thing if it is cheap enough, especially meats. I always like to have things on hand, because then it will make my next grocery trip cheaper. For example: Sometimes HEB will have ground turkey or meats 2 for $3, so I will load on a couple more than planned, and put them in my freezer. 
# 5: Look in the grocery store paper for the weekly specials they are having
# 6: Organize your fridge 

I will be making some new recipes this week that I will add links to as we go along. Today our grocery bill was $62.06

Monday- Seasoned BBQ on the grill, with whole grain brown rice, and carrots
Tuesday- Healthy version of poppy-seed chicken with a sweet potato and cilantro corn 
Wednesday- Turkey teriyaki meatballs, over whole grain brown rice
Thursday- Hobo Dinner

Breakfast: we will trade off between, oatmeal/egg whites/smoothies
Snacks: Fruit/Greek yogurt with honey, fruit, and granola/Boiled eggs
Lunch: I usually make enough where we both have leftovers the next day for work.