Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Healthy Options" at fast food

Be ready to have your mind blown, and possibly your day ruined if you eat fast food pretty currently. I know we all are guilty of getting fast food every now and then, and sometimes you go in with a good mind set of getting "something healthy." 
Below I have posted links to fast food chains nutritional pages online, that I would like you to go to your most current visit to one of the below and read the nutrition label of your order. It is SO important you understand the importance of not eating out as much as you do, and learning to make better decisions. 
 I just want everyone to be cautious of their choices they make next time they do decide to eat out, or even understand the importance of packing lunches. Also, moms who think they will be helping their children out by "grabbing a quick bite," make sure you are reading the labels, and learning what better decisions you can make for your children, because it will hurt them in the end.   Rethink your food decision next time you eat out, making healthier adjustments.

"Eating fruit can be fast food too!"
Chick-fil-a ** Best option
Spicy Chicken Sandwhich Meal 
1170 Calories 

Example: Chicken Mcnugget (40 piece)
1880 Calories 
118g of fat 

Example: Quesadilla Explosion Salad 
1440 Calories 
96g of fat 
Jack in the Box
Panda Express ** they have brown rice, veggie and protein options
Dairy Queen