Friday, March 14, 2014

Grocery shopping

I kind of went a little crazier than usual grocery shopping this week! Usually I don't spend more than $80 at the grocery store, however I was out of a lot of things, so I spent $100. I went pretty crazy with frozen veggies because they are always great to have around, I will usually run out of meat first. I am trying some new recipes this week, so here are a list of things I plan on making with what I purchased. 
Spinach Turkey Enchiladas with homemade chips 
Mongolian Beef 
Mushroom cream sauce over chicken and brown rice with veggies 

Breakfast: Egg stack
Greek Yogurt with fruit and honey 
Turkey Bacon with egg 

Lunch: Leftovers from night before (because I usually make a lot) 
Snack: Veggie Spring Roll with a peanut sauce or fruit or protein shake with protein milk