Saturday, February 14, 2015

Learning to adjust

I have always considered myself to be a really good multi-tasker, and then I had a child, and I will say it took me by storm. Grayson just turned 3 months today, and I have already made adjustments to getting around a little easier than in the beginning. The first day I ever went out with him, I went to target and walgreens, turned around and went home, I was borderline meltdown. haha. I felt like a car was going to hit us at any moment, and didn't know the best way to run errands with a carrier, and overwhelmed to say the least.

At my 6 week doctors appointment I had his GIANT diaper bag, and his carrier, and he decided to wake up screaming as I was working on my paperwork. Long story short, I was filling out paperwork with my left hand, holding him, and feeding him a bottle with my chin. The office was packed, people were staring wondering if they should offer to help, because I was screaming new mom. When they called my name, you can forget it... I threw the bag in the carrier, had him in the other arm and was on my way. Now my child was wide awake, smiling at the nurses, and in my lap my entire lady appointment. It was quite an experience, and change from the last time I was visiting the doctor...but thats life of a new mom and you just learn to adjust.

1. Find a system that works for you: this will take weeks or even a month or so to figure out with a lot of trial and fail. After a couple of outings, I finally started to learn more of his habits, and what worked for us. I always make sure he has a full tummy, burped, and dressed appropriately (according to Texas weather) before I leave the house. I have my now small diaper bag with 1 bottle (depending on how long we are going to be gone) , changing carrier that holds everything, and a backup outfit (in case of an emergency if you get me). I am however still breast-feeding so depends where I am and how comfortable I feel breast-feeding.

2. Grocery shopping: The first time you go by yourself grocery shopping, just take a deep breathe, and have a fed, sleepy baby. I always feed Grayson, and go right before he falls asleep for a nap. I will put in him a baby bjorn the minute I get to the grocery store. Especially in the beginning when all they do is sleep, your hands are free, you have room in your basket for groceries, and they will love sleeping close to you the entire time.... not to mention no one will try and touch them. (For example: when a lady stopped me asking if I was carrying my dog and wanted to touch him, and all I had to do was slowly pull away without being rude)
*This is what happens when you forget the Bjorn at home. haha.

3. The Diaper bag: In the beginning I thought I needed to carry my entire life in one bag. Now I have learned if I am running in somewhere for a short time I will bring my wrist wallet, keys, and a bottle. I will make sure I have changed him before we walk in, and will have an emergency go to items in the car if I need it. Carry only the essentials at all times when running around for a short time (like the grocery store). I am currently looking for a stylish small backpack to wear, so it will be easier to carry around. 

4. Portable Changing table: So I have learned the hard way how many public places don't have a changing table (which I have become THAT mom and complained about). My life saver has been the fold out portable changing table. It is really thin, and will hold your wipes, diapers, and trash bags, AND fold out to a changing table! Trust me when I say that should be your #1 item on registry list!

5. Find a good stroller: I have mixed emotions about my stroller... I absolutely love it when I am using it. However... first and foremost it doesn't fit in my car which is annoying, the tires are big so it won't fold very flat. So anytime I know I am going to the mall I take my husbands truck instead, which is still a pain because its heavy. I could buy a small portable carrier lock in that will fold small. But I know he won't last forever in the carrier, which seems like a waste to me. I pretty much just picked that stroller because it was SO easy to snap in, fold, I could use it for jogging as well, and he could grow into it.

6. Have your house prepped: Two months before my son arrived my husband and I had just bought a new house, and my OCD was really going nuts trying to have everything perfect before he arrived. We worked really hard on everything to get ready, and even when my husband was off for two weeks after he arrived he was still finalizing things. The biggest thing that I love that we did was have stations set up on both floors of our house for him. We actually made his nursery downstairs, and I have a pack and play set up upstairs, that has a changing table attached. You will always be trying to carry 100 things at once, so it will save you a bunch of trouble.

7. Prioritize your time: in the beginning, especially taking the baby to the doctor just days after being in the hospital you will be way overwhelmed getting out of the house. Over time you speed up getting them ready, and already have everything pretty much packed and ready to go. As much as you want to sit around and chill while the baby naps, set aside only a certain amount of time, then use the rest of the opportunity to get stuff done around the house. You will be happier after the fact and feel more accomplished at the end of the day. If you know you have somewhere to be at some point in the day, go ahead and have everything ready to go. Time out everything for changing and feeding the baby, so you will be ready to go.

8. Getting ready:  I will be completely honest when I say after my husband went back to work, I would go days without washing my hair, and it stayed in a messy bun.  Considering my husband works nights, I just do what I can to make it work. If I want to relax for a little bit, I will usually take a bath with the baby, or even wrap him in a baby towel, and take a quick shower (only usually if there has been a large accident over the both of us at 2am). Finally I have got more of a system and will take my shower to primp when my husband gets up, and home from the gym. When I know I plan to run errands while he is sleeping in the morning (since he works nights) I will have everything laid out  and ready to go for 
the next day.

9. Cooking: I have always spent a lot of time in the kitchen since I moved in with my husband before we got married and things are definitely a little more challenging now.  I will try to cook when he takes a nap but sometimes the naps are just not happening, or he wants to be held. I have learned to move his swing into the kitchen so he can watch me, and I will turn on the music or talk to him, he absolutely loves it. Now that he is getting a little bigger I will sometimes put him in the bjorn (which scares me with hot items around) so I don't do that as often, or I will put him in the Bumbo chair. Of course the first month and a half all they do is sleep so is a lot easier then but now that he is more active and wants to play more.