Friday, February 20, 2015

Mommy must haves

I  I know walking into any baby store these days can be very overwhelming, especially when it comes time to register.  I have a couple of pregnant friends who have ask me what to get, so I 'd love to share some of my absolute favorite items to purchase before the babies arrival, and some things I could live without. Obviously every mom is going to want to try out their own fancy gadgets, and things so I won't share all of those. But my must have list is more practical things that got me out of sticky situations.

1. Little remedies medicine kit: you can be completely overwhelmed when your babies screaming at the top of their lungs for the first time, and you have already changed and fed them, and you don't know what else to do. In the first month I learned that Graysons stomach was hurting and he was having issues going to the bathroom,  and it absolutely broke my heart seeing him pulling his legs up to his chest screaming in pain. After speaking with my nurse friends they told me to use gripe water or gas drops, and the best part was it was safe enough for me to give him. I was so thankful that my medicine and all that I needed was already in his nursery. Anytime any issue has come up it has been my go to bag. Plus it comes with a small bag so I always throw it in my suitcase when we travel.

2. To go changing kit : you will learn the hard way that not every establishment has a changing table! I have had to change him on the floor, on top of counters, in my car, etc. My bag is small and fits into my large purses and it holds a package of wipes, diapers , and trash bags for dirty diapers.

3. A good swing: I have a mamaroo and let me just say it will save you big time when you're trying to get things done around the house. The mamaroo is a little pricey compared to other swings, but well worth it! It does a lot more, it swings in different directions, and you can plug in your ipad/iPod into it and play music.  As much as we want to sit around and hold them sometimes your arms need a break, and as a newborn they will sleep so good. 

4. Additional medicine: Like I said before my son was having problems going to the bathroom, and would go days, after speaking with his pediatrician I purchased the BEST supository ever! They work within minutes, painless for them, and it's not like a laxative for adults where it can mess you up. 

5. Good burp cloths: My sister n law monogramed some adorable burp cloths for me, and I am glad she did. She used the traditional white, thick cloths that absorb and cover more surface. Some others I purchased hardly even help having it on my shoulder at all.

6. Sanitizing wipes: I have used the sanitizer wipes, and pacifier wipes pretty often. Especially if a bunch of people have been holding or touching him, and I can casually wipe his hands and face with them just to get germs off, and prevent him getting sick.

7. Personal bed sleeper: I will be very realistic with you when I say the first month of my sons arrival, I didn't want him leaving my side (not that it has changed much). The first two weeks you will be wanting to check to make sure they are breathing constantly with every noise you hear. Luckily my sister n law let me borrow hers, and I placed it inside his pack n play next to my bed. (The pack and play was too big of space for him to roll around) We would swaddle him and place him in this next to us, and he would sleep so well, and it would give me peace of mind.

8. Pack n Play: I have already gotten so much use out of this, and I know I can use this for a long time. Mine has an attached changing table, and bag attached to the side to hold diapers, wipes, etc. We also have it raised up right now since he is so small, but will bring it down as he grows. I have this upstairs away from his nursery, and constantly use it. The best part is it is on wheels, so I can get it out of the way when I want a clean room, but have him sleeping right next to me without being in my bed.

TO GO pack n play: this might be one of my absolute favorite things ever! We brought it to the beach and the baby played in it, and slept in it and still was in the shade. You carry it like a backpack its light weight, and takes 2 mins to fold up. Even the older kids got in it with him!

9. Car Seat Snuggler: I thought I was going to have a huge baby and not need one of these, but I purchased one just in case that I could return. I ended up using it for almost 3 months, and I am so glad I had it before we brought him home from the hospital. I never realized how much larger the carseat is when you take them home.

10. Cart cover: I have really started to enjoy the transition of using this cover! Keeps your hands free, and your baby happy being able to see everything. 

11. Small heater: I can't tell you how many times this saved us from meltdowns, and helping sooth him to sleep. When he was three days old we took him for his photography and she had him sleeping the entire time because of the heater. Nothing fancy, we already had a $15 fan and we set it up In his nursery. Anytime he was fussy, screaming after the bath or just in general I rock him in front of the fan and he instantly calms down. 

13. Bouncing jumper : now that my son is 5 months old, and moving non stop he is obsessed with his jumper. My husband and I will hang it in the garage while we grill or workout, and I hang it in the kitchen while I cook. He would sit in this for two hours if I let him, as long as he isn't tired. I hang his teething toys, and he goes to town laughing. 

Nursing Moms:
1. Breast Pump: call your insurance carrier and ask if they cover any of your breast pump. Mine was covered 100% and I never would of known that if I hadn't called about other questions.
2. Nipple Shields: Many breastfeeding moms would agree with me when I say the first two weeks of breastfeeding can be the worst pain! There were times I had to bite down on something just to get me through it, and almost gave up. But now I am glad I didn't because I have had a wonderful experience. I began using the nipple shield in the hospital, because he wasn't latching on one side. I don't use them anymore, but the first two months I used them quit often just to relive some pain every now and then.

3. Deposable breast pads: Once your milk starts coming in, it will be flowing, and especially if you are feeding on one side you will notice a pain and the other leaking. The last thing you want is a major leakage through a shirt in public.

4. Nipple cream: You will need this the first two months, it always helped relieve pain for me.
5. Nursing tanks/bras: I still like to sleep in them, they are comfortable, and will make your life so much easier. Target has some great ones, and if you have larger boobs like myself, surprisingly I found great bras at walmart (I know weird) the motherhood store didn't have bigger than a D, and was very unhelpful.

Not so must have:
1. Diaper genie: I am not a fan of this, and hate that I even opened the box so I couldn't return it. I know a lot of people who can't live without it, but I am not one of those people. I am a clean freak anyways who is constantly taking out trash, so I usually just hang grocery bags and toss them often. It doesn't store as many diapers as you think, and just overall didn't work well enough for me.
2. Detergent: I would wait to purchase this after you get to know your baby, and see if they have sensitive skin. I bought two huge containers of baby detergent, and I will now wash our sheets or just wash all of our laundry with it. Yes you will do more laundry with a baby, but I don't need to wash a completely separate small load of just his clothing when he doesn't have any sensitivity.
3. Pacifier Thermometer: I thought for sure this was going to work so well and had to have it. Well it is not accurate what so ever, and I am glad I had my nurse friends to call on when I needed that confirmation. Stick with a tradition basic thermometer, it is your best bet.
4. Bumbo chair: I have mixed emotions about this, I will put him in it every now and then but he isn't a fan. I feel like this is another thing that depends on the baby if they like it or not. The issue we have had is he can't hold his head up well enough to sit up, and now that he can at 3 months his legs barely fit in it. So he only last about 15-20 minutes until he gets upset and tired of being in it.