Friday, February 13, 2015

New Mom Reality

Well, I have decided that my blog needed a lifestyle tab, now that I am a mom, I feel like there are new things I have experienced and I know more things will come up. As most of you know, as soon as your baby arrives, the times have changed, and so has finding the time to take care of yourself like you used to. There isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, and you are lucky to take a long shower in the beginning. I would love to share my new journey with you, and would love to hear  your side of things! Lets take this new exciting journey together, and help each other along the way. Like I mention in my about me tab, I am not a professional trainer, or cook, I just love sharing things I enjoy with others and what helped me along the way!

New Mom reality check:
  Before I got pregnant, my husband and I always told each other we were never going to be those parents where our lives just stops in its tracks just because we have a kid. As I am still learning to multitask, and get used to adding another boy to the mix, I have already learned SO much. Moms... we can't do it all in one day, and thats ok! I have been blessed enough to be a stay at home mom, and in the first two months I would stress if everything wasn't perfect at the end of the day. At some point you have to just take a deep breathe, look at your new blessing in your arms, and tell yourself its ok. The house will eventually get clean, the laundry will eventually get done, and you will overtime learn how to multitask doing 20 things at once. You only get one chance to soak in this moment with your child, because the days fly by, and they change fast. Take your time, and live in the moment.

Here are some HUGE factors that helped my sanity the first 2 months after my son arrived.

SLEEP: I cannot stress this enough moms... sleep completely called my entire attitude for the entire day! Some nights were longer than others, which made the days even longer. I am sure you have heard it a million times... sleep when the baby sleeps. Drop everything and do it! Your husband will appreciate it too! Zero sleep just calls for more meltdowns, tears, confusion, frustration, and aggravation to say the least.  

SOCIAL LIFE: I know we have fresh new babies, and we don't want them getting sick... however, another reason I think what kept me going was talking to my friends and family. Yes in the beginning you have all your family around which is wonderful, but then they leave you. We had 17 people in the waiting room, from the time we arrived until we went home. It was an absolute perfect experience, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I at least warned the nurses when I signed paperwork for 3 visitors at a time that there was no way that was going to happen. haha. I think at least everyday I was skyping with one or more family members or friends. It felt so great to just chat and have some good laughs, not to mention having love and support for your new baby. If you are worried about people coming over before the baby gets his shots, just make sure they aren't sick, and make them wash their hands!
       When you begin to get closer to the 3 month mark, DON'T feel bad, or be scared to have a night away with your husband as long as you have someone to watch them you can trust. I know I sound cold when I say that, don't judge me. But my husband and I absolutely needed it, and we had both of our moms watch him overnight while we stayed out after a friends wedding. It absolutely brought us back to our old ways, and let us just have us time again. It was like a refresh button was hit, and made you even more rested and excited to see each other the next day. I think its great for the baby as well, he had bonding time with our family members, and he had a little break from us as well. The kept me posted all throughout the day sending me videos and pictures, which made me miss him more, but I knew he was in good hands.

COMMUNICATION: Another key factor that helped me from having meltdowns when I felt them coming... I communicated with my husband. You will know when that time comes when you just need to take breathe and have a little break. I feel like that it totally ok, we are human, not superwomen who can take it all on at once. Anytime I just needed a little bit of alone time, I would ask my husband to watch my son while I took a bath, or even ran a quick errand. Just be open and honest with your husband, it is a huge adjustment and change for you both. It becomes so natural becoming a mother, and sometimes it will take the men a little longer (mainly when the baby is crying). Be patient and open with each other, and you will be fine. Remember it started with the two of you, don't forget that, and be there for one another.

ORGANIZATION: Yes I am OCD like crazy when it comes to certain things, and before my son arrived I had stocked up on diapers/wipes, cleaned rooms and had everything organized. I truly believe this is another factor of keeping me feeling good everyday. Some days I am busier than others with the baby, however I will just take one room at a time, and make it perfect. I will always keep the baby near by, I will put him in his mamaroo in whichever room I am in so I can have my eyes on him at all times. In his bedroom, I have dividers in all his drawers separated by sizes, and the top right drawer is used as his changing table storage for diapers/wipes/medicines/etc.

Congrats if you are a new mommy, it will truly change your life for the best! Some days will be harder than others, but you will forget about it all the second you look down on a miracle.