Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Homemade baby food 4-6m

Beginning baby food for the first time with my son was such a great milestone and experience for us. It is amazing how time flies and the realization of how much your baby changes before your eyes daily.  I always knew when I was pregnant I wanted to make my sons food, knowing that I always ate what my parents ate. My husband and I try to live a healthy lifestyle about 90% of the time (the 10% being our cheat days we must have), and I truly believe in teaching your child from a young age how to do the same. You set an example for your children, and why not teach them everything about being in the kitchen, especially as they grow, what better way to spend time together. When we moved to Austin at a young age there was barely any restaurants where we lived, and I will always cherish the times we spent with my parents cooking in the kitchen.

We are now at the six month mark, and I don't know where time has gone. I love nothing more knowing exactly what my son is eating, and knowing what has been put into it. Of course in the early stages there isn't much to mix together. or experiment with. I usually just multitask by prepping everything as I cook dinner, while my son is bouncing in his chair. In the beginning I was buying Gerber, and once I was finished with the containers I would place them in the dishwasher, and I also purchased some baby storage containers as well.

Beginner foods I use: remember not to experiment with spices yet, keep the flavors mild.
- Sweet potato
- Pears
- Peaches
- Bananas
- Peas
- Applesauce
- Avocado

If certain fruits are not in season, I will purchase canned and I will rinse them in a strainer really well.

You will need:
- Storage containers
- food processor
- peeler
- your mixing preference (breast milk, formula, water, baby apple juice)
- Steamer (if you have one- my rice cooker has one)

Most the time I will peel the skin off, and steam the fruit or veggies to soften it, Then place it in the food processor, add a small amount of liquid. Blend until completely smooth, pour evenly into clean containers. I will store everything in the freezer, until we are ready to use, I will move it to the fridge the day before