Sunday, October 25, 2015

Make up your own MOM rules

When the time comes, and you find out you are pregnant, or decide to adopt... Prepare yourself for LOTS of people's advice, and comments. You will drive yourself crazy reading a million blogs, and books to prepare you for being a mom. Each thing you read will have the MUST HAVES, and people will tell you "the only way... And the best way" to do things. 

 Well... I am one year into being a mom, and no I don't know it all, and I have tried and failed at many things, but I did what worked for my son and I. Don't get yourself worked up over trying to be like another mom, or "the perfect mom." If you wake up with a smile on your face every morning, realizing you get to take care of the biggest blessing life has to offer, and they have a smile on their face, and love being with you... That's ALL that matters. 

I know we all want to be supermom and superwife all at the same time, but let's give ourselves a break a little. Whether your a stay a home mom, working mom, or working out of the house, you are working your butt off to take care of your family everyday. Do what you feel comfortable with, and what works for you both. It's great to read something, and try it, but don't try to force it... If it's not working, try something new. The same system doesn't work for everyone, you and your child need your own system, and daily flow, or you will drive yourself insane. Your baby already loves you for being there when they need you, they won't hate you for not doing something a certain's ok. Make your life easy, it's already complicated enough. Your children aren't going to remember or care that you missed bath time one night because you were too tired. Some nights we have gotten home late, or I was too exhausted to function, so I wiped him down with baby wipes, and baby lotion, and put Pjs on and called it a night. They will live, it will all be ok. 

I've had tons of people (some not even moms) tell me that I need to place my son in his crib with a bottle, let him cry it out, and put himself to sleep for a nap. Well I have never once done that, and I don't plan on it with any of my kids. That's just not me. Now for parents who work and might need a stricter schedule that might work for them.  I work out of my house, and I still enjoy soaking up as much time with him, even if it puts me behind a little in work. Especially now that my son is mobile, that is my only time I have to hold him and love on him. Babies are only this little once, and I'm sorry I've already blinked and don't know where a year has gone, I want to treasure memories with my child holding him while he will still let me.  

Set your own goals, and don't look at another family wanting to be like the best mom YOU can be. Even when I went into labor, I try to always go into any situation with a calm, open mind, which I feel like is so important as a mom. You set the entergy of the entire household (no pressure) if you wake up grumpy, it will rub off on everyone! At the end of the day all you have is your each other, and all that matters is YOUR happiness, your husbands happiness, and your children's happiness. Create your own memories, traditions, and daily routines. Start your day everyday with a smile on your face, and blessed to be able to take care your family.