Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chicken stuffed avocado cups

I took this recipe from my Mexican salad, and decided to make a smaller version for a party because not everyone eats salad. 


1 can Corn
1 can Black beans 
1 bunch Cilantro 
2 Limes  
4 Chicken breast 
1 c Cheese
1 packet Mrs. Dash taco seasoning 
Avocado (number needed for party, 1 avocado makes 2 cups) 
Sprinkle Cumin
Sprinkle Chili powder 

- 1 avocado
- 1 c plain Greek yogurt 
- 1/3 c water 
- 1 c cilantro 
- 1 lime (juice) 
- 1 tbsp cumin 
- 1 tbsp garlic 
- sprinkle of sea salt 

1. Dice chicken. Drizzle olive oil over skillet.
2. Cook chicken, add taco seasoning 
3. While the chicken cooks, slice/scoop avocado, and prep mixture.
4. Drain and add corn, beans, cilantro, lime juice, garlic salt, and cumin in bowl. Set aside  
4. Place all dressing ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth 
5. Stuff chicken in avocado shell, then bean mixture, sprinkle with cheese, top with avocado, seasoning and dressing