Thursday, April 21, 2016

Panko chicken nuggets


- 4-5 chicken breast 
- coconut oil 

First layer: 
- whole wheat flour 
- salt/pepper
Place all in double layer plastic bag, mix together with hand 

Second Layer: 
- 3 eggs 
- 1/3 c dill pickle juice 
- 1 c milk 
Mix with fork 

Third layer: 
- Panko crumbs -half bag 
- 1 packet of French Onion packet 

1. Place ingredients in three separate containers for dipping. (I use a bag for the first layer  and containers for the rest) 
2. Dice chunks of chicken. Place oil in skillet begin to heat
3. Dip and cover chicken in flour mix, then egg mix then Panko mix. 
4. Slowly add chicken to oil 
5. Cook until brown and cooked through 

I use this as my dipping sauce because it's low in calories and sugar, plus it gives it a little kick. 25 calories for 2 tablespoons, 5g sugar, 0 fat g 
* you can find this and the Asian food section at the store